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If you know me, there are three things I talk about way too much — #1 St. Louis Blues Hockey, #2 the latest indie song I'm vibing to, and #3 last night's meal, which typically reveals the amount of cheese in my daily diet. This list is not exclusive of other popular Ben-isms, such as my fascination with space exploration, eco-friendly tech advancements, and telling the story of that one time I survived a wildfire at Yosemite.


I'm an advertising and marketing communications professional who's process involves understanding organizations from their core, outlining challenges and considerations, and bringing minds together to lead strategy-based, goal-driven campaigns.

Areas of Specialty: Project Management — Team Integration — Content Development Strategy — Creative Development — Internal/Corporate Communications — B2B — Manufacturing

BADMKTG is my brand marketing and design side-hustle for community builders and local entrepreneurs. Services include brand positioning, copywriting, graphic design, and website UX design.

The B.A.D. Guy

Microsoft Office

Adobe Creative Suite

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Web Design

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Technical Skills

With dozens of big-name brands under my belt, I've worked to be versatile and find solutions, no matter the industry or task. Most recently at BVK, I had honed in as a project manager and team integrator for a range of creative production projects primarily in the B2B vertical, along with travel and tourism and higher education industries.

Agency Experience

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